Brave New Worlds

Friday October 28, 2011 by cl0secall

I've been doing a lot of exciting things lately -- too many to go into great detail right now.

  • FreeSwitch / FusionPBX as a replacement for Elastix. This is allowing me to roll all of the services provided by the Elastix box into another already built system.
  • URL Shortener. Still in progress, but hopefully coming soon.
  • Anti-Spam stuff -- site-wide SpamAssassin with Spam-folder support.
  • XMPP Server with Conferencing

Additionally, I have been pipe-dreaming up more projects to keep me busy.

  • ClamAV for the anti-spam stuff, plus a web-based quarantine manager
  • Debating breaking down and installing a IMAP-backed webmail package
  • Diaspora seeds
  • lighttpd or nginx as reverse proxy / static host to replace Apache
  • Django as a replacement for WordPress and gateway to many more things for the site.

I have been forced to budget my time somethin' fierce, but here and there I've made some great progress. Hopefully I'll be able to document it all here at some point.