As is the case with many things, sometimes I have a solution for a problem that sounds great in theory, but I have no idea how it works in practice. The goal of this page is to track these ideas, and document whether I meet success or failure in these endeavors.

A list of projects:

A list of defunct projects:

  • Plugins for "mobile" accessibility to this site. Cancelled because newer wordpress has mobile layouts built in.
  • Kerberos + LDAP. Cancelled because ultimately, it became more trouble to run Kerberos + LDAP than it did to run Samba in ADC mode and just run Active Directory.
  • PAM Authentication against Active Directory on XenServer 5.x. I never got around to trying this before moving to XenServer 6.x which had built-in AD support.
  • OpenNMS (cancelled. OpenNMS is written in Java, which I'd rather avoid for now.)
  • Zenoss. I tried it for a while but it ran slow and was very bulky to configure. I ended up running Nagios.