Nagios on OpenBSD: Web UI Timezone

Friday February 02, 2018 by cl0secall

Everywhere on the internet you'll see a reference to setting the TZ environment variable in your Apache config. Except I'm using OpenBSD HTTPD, not Apache HTTPD. Furthermore, I'm using slowcgi to run the CGI scripts. Well it turns out the solution is pretty simple. Copy the zoneinfo files into httpd's chroot directory:

# cd /
# tar -cf - /usr/share/zoneinfo /etc/localtime | (cd /var/www; tar -xf -)
tar: Removing leading / from absolute path names in the archive

Then at most you restart the services and the UI should have the correct timezone.

HTTPS Support

Tuesday April 25, 2017 by cl0secall

It took quite a bit of trouble but I've added HTTPS support to this site. As an aside, most of my work has been on infrastructure projects and preparing to move to a new content platform. I'll discuss that separately when I am closer to making it happen.

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Exciting Times

Friday September 13, 2013 by cl0secall

We live in exciting times. Myself especially. I've been working recently on a number of projects. I'd like to post a good summary of everything, but I hesitate to since I'd also like to deprecate this blog engine. So I'll write some stream-of-consciousness type babble and then move on with …

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FusionPBX Provisioning

Friday November 04, 2011 by cl0secall

I got FusionPBX Provisioning to work on my beta HomePBX system. Turns out that you must specify only one of TFTP or FTP provisioning directory, or else the system will not be able to write out all of the files. This is because it unsets one of the variables (\$file_name …

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Friday November 04, 2011 by cl0secall

One thing I feel I've learned in the world of systems administration is that although there is such a thing as good documentation, it's much like good food. It's only good right after you make it, or if you take very good care of it. Depending on how you made …

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Brave New Worlds

Friday October 28, 2011 by cl0secall

I've been doing a lot of exciting things lately -- too many to go into great detail right now.

  • FreeSwitch / FusionPBX as a replacement for Elastix. This is allowing me to roll all of the services provided by the Elastix box into another already built system.
  • URL Shortener. Still in progress …
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Sunday June 19, 2011 by cl0secall

I've made some progress on my MicroStorage project. Some day I'll have to document it in a page here. I managed to get the storage server and my XP workstation log in using Kerberos credentials and be able to talk to each other. The downside is that Windows 7 is …

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Fixing a Firebird

Friday April 01, 2011 by cl0secall

My sister owns a 1990 Pontiac Firebird with the 3.1L v6 motor. It had been sitting for a few months because rather suddenly it couldn't hold an idle. It would crank and fire immediately but run really rough, and stall both if you let it run or if you …

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Systems Work

Friday April 01, 2011 by cl0secall

I've been working to consolidate and replace older, lower powered systems that I use with newer and better hardware. As part of this I acquired some Dell PowerEdge 2850's. I recently built out one of them with FreeBSD 8.2 in an attempt to stage a replacement for my HP …

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Elastix Upgrade Nightmare

Sunday January 09, 2011 by cl0secall

I thought it would be relatively trivial to do an upgrade from Elastix 1.5.2-2 to 1.6.2-27. Initially it seemed this way. I ran:

# yum update yum
# yum update

When this completed, I logged back in to the system and saw that it was up to 1 …

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