The Airsoft Page

I used to have a mailing list for a group of guys in my area that I play Airsoft with, at a place that was called Airsoft CQB. I tried to make it out to CQB at least twice a month, but life got busy, etc. And then Airsoft CQB went out of business. That was some time back around mid 2013.

I used to have a formalized RSVP policy, but it was ignored by the group.

How Airsoft CQB Operated:

To play, you would need a maximum of $40 plus money for food, drink, etc.

  1. Field fee was $20. Everyone pays the field fee.
  2. Rental fee was $20. Rental includes a Mask, Gun, Mag, Ammo, and Battery. No assembly required, other than loading the mag.
  3. It was recommended that you wear heavy clothing, gloves, and a baseball cap or equivalent for full body protection. Exposed skin that is hit could potentially bruise.
  4. ACQB had a fairly comprehensive list of rules. You had to sign off on the rules sheet before admittance to the field for the day. Most of the rules were common sense but it is important to read over all of them anyways. Additionally, they had a catch-all rule that "whatever the Ref says, goes" which was interpreted to mean that the Ref could make up additional rules on a per-referee basis which you had to follow. Towards the end of ACQB's good ol' days, this meant that some referees that were "imported" from other fields so to speak had rules that they brought with them. We'll just say it kept you on your toes.

Airsoft CQB was a fun time and I miss the many good players and referees that I used to play with. Many thanks to Steve, Tim, Austin, and Chuck.