Posting Backlog

Friday June 18, 2010 by cl0secall

Just a quick note that I have a bunch of stuff to post/update but time has been at a premium lately and I haven't had the opportunity to follow through. On the agenda:

  • OpenBSD Projects
    • Android SDK
    • Eclipse IDE
    • Atheros Wireless driver (ath)
  • Battlefield Bad Company 2 critique
  • Miscellany

Not that anyone is exactly in anticipation of updated from me, but moreso as a non-mental note to myself that I need to come back and commit to paper, so to speak.

Android SDK Part 3: OpenBSD

Tuesday April 27, 2010 by cl0secall

Here goes nothing. I'm going to go ahead and try to port the Android SDK tools to OpenBSD. Hope it's not as bad as I anticipate. I've already installed OpenBSD on my Acer again. The page for that will come soon. OpenBSD has some rough edges on this box. They …

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Regrouping from defeat: Android SDK next steps

Wednesday April 21, 2010 by cl0secall

I've given up on using the Freebroid port of the Android SDK. I don't know enough about git in order to ensure that I can make the necessary changes in my local git tree and be able to merge in updates from the master Android repo on Once …

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Struggling with the Android SDK on FreeBSD

Friday April 02, 2010 by cl0secall

I started out by trying the "BSDroid" port of the SDK. After some toil, I was able to get projects to build, but wasn't able to get the debugger/emulator to work. I even tried using truss/ktrace to debug the debugger/emulator but was never able to isolate the …

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