Android SDK on FreeBSD

  1. Add ":FreeBSD-host" to the "git fetch..." line in the "" script
  2. Run "" and ""
  3. Set JAVA_VERSION to 1.5
  4. Set JAVA_HOME and ANDROID_JAVA_HOME to "/usr/local/diablo-jdk1.5.0"
  5. Patch "external/srec/tools/grxmlcompile/" to not add "-ldl" to LOCAL_LDFLAGS. I did this by splitting out that clause to a separate line and wrapping it in an ifdef statement.
  6. Set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to "out/host/freebsd-x86/lib"
  7. Go to external/qemu/distrib/sdl-1.2.12
  8. Run "bash --prefix=\"
  9. "gmake -j2" & "gmake install" the modified SDL package
  10. copy prebuilt/linux-x86/sdl/ to prebuilt/freebsd-x86/sdl
  11. copy prebuilt/linux-x86/sdl/lib/ to prebuilt/freebsd-x86/sdl/lib
  12. try to gmake at "mydroid" root.