Android Development

At one point I wanted to build a bunch of open-source android apps to fill in gaps in functionality between stock android roms and what I got out of my Palm Pilot back in the day. This never came to fruition because I didn't have a portable windows instance I could use to do development on, and I struggled to get the android SDK to run anywhere useful to me (see e.g. Android SDK on FreeBSD). Ultimately I managed to piece together a decent solution with a bunch of off-the-shelf open source apps until finally, in Oct of 2020, my Blackberry Priv broke on me and I made the leap to iPhone. What the iPhone lacks in customization -- especially things like notification tones -- it makes up for in the fact that I needed no third-party apps to access any of my sync'd PIM data. Calendar, To-do, Contacts, and e-Mail all worked right out of the box.

Thus this page is now all historical artifact of what I had hoped to do with Android but never accomplished.

  • Calendar Application
    • To-Do support (I think the app I used was called OpenTasks, from f-Droid)
    • CalDav support (DAVx5 from f-droid does this.)
  • Screen Lock widget (note: supposedly apps cannot sleep/lock the phone.)
  • More coming...

All of my Android Apps will be open source. I am currently debating whether to use BSD, GPL, or a combination, or something entirely different. Public git repos are listed here.