Valheim is an open world survival, exploration, and base-building game. It is fairly straightforward but has a lot of depth to each facet.

Valheim Mods

Valheim uses the unity engine and there is a diverse selection of mods for the game. I am currently using these mods:

  • Craft From Containers 3.0.0
  • Item Stacks 1.2.0
  • Time Mod 0.7.0
  • Equipment and Quick Slots 2.1.2
  • Loki First Person 1.0.6
  • FloatingItems 1.0.0
  • Real Clock Mod 0.3.1
  • Death Tweaks 0.10.0

I am using the Vortex mod manager but I don't really like it. This is mostly because I don't like mod managers in general. It has a very fileplanet-like vibe to it. Every time you download they will try to sell you on a "premium" subscription to their service to allow immediate and unthrottled downloads. Thanks, I'd rather keep my $60/yr and wait 30 extra seconds.

In general, I have conflicting feelings on mods for Valheim. The main reason I started using mods was because my friend who was playing had essentially this whole list of mods that he was using and he said I had to use 100% the same mods or else the game would not work right. Since I was a newbie I didn't know any better. The convenience mods I think are fine, but some of the difficulty mods such as death tweaks or gravekeeper or item stacks (at least as it applies to player inventory) are more of a judgement call. As a newbie I'd rather see how difficult the game is "stock" and maybe after I'm more experienced tune the difficulty.

Valheim Server

Since about November of 2021 I have run a private, password protected Valheim server. There are no mods installed on the server. I keep it private except for players within my friends group.