Rules for Hosted Services


I've decided to be semi-formal about the hosted services that I run on my server. Because several of the services are accessible to the general public and semi-advertised on this site it seemed important to me to set some ground rules for everyone so that I can moderate things better. Below are a list of ground rules that apply to all hosted services that I offer, including (but not limited to) mumble and my ArmA server(s).

The Rules

  1. You are a welcome guest, but this is my house. I make the rules. If you do not like this arrangement, please leave.
  2. Admin and Moderator decisions are final.
  3. Admins and Moderators decide what is and is not a violation of the rules. See also #1 above.
  4. Do not harass, grief, intimidate, etc. other guests.
  5. Do not disrupt my servers (games, website, voice channels).


  • Admins and Moderators may kick (disconnect you) or ban (kick and block you) for violations of the rules.
  • They may do so without warning for deliberate or repeat violations.

Other Important Things

I have e-mail addresses for each service that I run. I will try (at my leisure) to keep up with these e-mails. If you have a question or issue about a particular service you may send e-mail to the address for that service. These are listed on the particular service's page here on this site. I don't promise or agree to keep your e-mail private. I may share it with the admins and moderators. I may publish it on this site. I might even forward it to law enforcement (or anyone really) if I feel that it is appropriate to do so (for example, if it contains specific threats).