Infiltration Server

You can send e-mail to games (at) with questions or issues.

General Info

  • Hostname:
  • UT v451 Dedicated for Linux running on OpenBSD 4.7/i386
  • Infiltration 2.9 with:
    • Bonus Pack
    • IMT Weapons Pack 1.5.1
    • CheckLoadout (for CQB rules)
    • ReportDirection
    • M2HB AimView
    • CQB configuration.
      • Small maps, weapons restricted to SMGs, Shotguns, Pistols.

Map List

Maps available on the server, not in rotation:

In the works

  • "Infantry" configuration.
    • Large to midsize maps, SMGs, flashbangs, flashlights, dot sights disabled. Standard 40mm grenades only. EAS or TDM.
  • "Specialist" configuration.
    • Small to midsize maps, no weapon restrictions. Gametype is up in the air.