Battlefield: Bad Company 2

I'm a member of the clan "$$h0t". We have a server.

You can help pay for our server.

The server used to be called "noob server Level 28 and below - $$h0t Server -" but we moved it to another IP and datacenter because it was crashing. This happened on 7/12/2010 and rather abruptly. The new IP and status banner is below. The old server is listed below that.

So, after the server move the server population never recovered. Because of this we decided to stop renting. This experience has left a somewhat bitter taste about renting vs. hosting ourselves. (if we have crappy hardware/OS issues, we can fix them ourselves instead of relying on a HostCo to tell us to buzz off/deal with it/move to another system in their network.) Unfortunately it seems that the new thing is for game publishers to sign exclusivity deals with e.g. (who is the HostCo we had trouble with; see e.g. " is the exclusive provider of CoD Black Ops dedicated servers") and this indicates to me that it will not be worth investing too much time in the newer shooters.

For the half-cent it's worth, I expressed my frustration with (perhaps too succinctly) in a tweet to CoD's "Community Manager": "@JD_2020: Rental only dedicated servers is why I won't buy #CODBlackOps." I'll stop rambling now.