Windows XP SP2

Not too long ago, Dell announced that it would resume Windows XP as the default OS choice for a number of their systems, due to the large volume of feedback requesting such. (source.) After said switch, or perhaps even from the beginning, Dell has had all of the drivers for the Vostro 1000 for XP. Therefore, I was quickly able to get all of the hardware in the Vostro 1000 to pick up nicely. Even though I ended up using an older SP1 disc to do the install, I didn’t need any special drivers to do the install, though this is pretty much to be expected of a tier-one vendor such as Dell.

This is the current primary OS on my Vostro, since I am using it as a dedicated work machine until they feel the justification to “issue” me a company laptop. I chose XP only because of the Windows-based development that I’m doing as part of my job description. I’d much rather have OpenBSD.

This page is to be cleaned up at some point in the future.

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