Random Stuff

Tuesday November 16, 2010 by cl0secall

I've been busy, yet idle for the past few months. Unfortunately this hasn't meant additional time for productive projects. In the past few weeks however, I have been trying to squeeze more time in for projects. Here's a summary of the things I've been doing:

  • Set up a series of trac instances for project management for various things, including some contract work I'm doing, a World of Warcraft Guild, and for various aspects of personal projects.
  • Begun a LAN overhaul -- a new firewall, IP scheme, hostname scheme, the works.
  • Preparing for a new job.
  • Installed a Solaris 10 box for sandbox testing and familiarization. In my recent job search, I noted that most Unix-related jobs reference Solaris if not RHEL.
  • Finished "blocker" repairs on the 1988 Corvette. It is now drivable and I plan to have the safety inspection re-upped ASAP. There is still a lengthy to-do list for this car though.
  • Worked heavily on the 1978 Ford Van, but it's still not fully running.
  • Some general house cleanup and reorganization. Much more of that to-do as well.
  • More stuff that I can't think of off the top of my head.

As in the past, I resolve to update this site more frequently. One of the main reasons is so that I can "brain dump" and help myself keep organized. Here's hoping that I follow through more effectively this time.